Insights of a new DeFi protocol- dPassive

A drastic change in the crypto market has been noticed with the introduction and popularity of DeFi (Decentralized Finance). DeFi is the force that holds captivating strength to transform our future entirely with its phenomenal design and integrated protocols. We have wholeheartedly accepted the innovations brought by DeFi. But, we are missing something that is built on real-world assets. Therefore, we introduced dPassive- a revolutionary DeFi protocol.

The concept of dPassive and dAssets

dPassive is a DeFi protocol powered by smart contracts on the cross-chain network that enables the creation of synthetic assets called dPassive Assets (dAssets). dAssets provides real-world price exposure to the traders by exhibiting their price activity on-chain. dPassive has brought a perfect blend of DeFi and real-world exposure on Binance Smart Chain, and subsequently on Ethereum and Polkadot.

You can hold dAssets in fractional amounts and trade them without any geographical boundations, and you seize the opportunity to embrace exposure of the assets without worrying about the ownership of the assets. These are an added advantage.

Range of advantages;

  • Global reach

The global reach of some of the geographical regions is utterly limited to foreign equities and forex markets. At the same time, crypto-assets can be accessed around the world without any restrictions.

  • Easy execution of fractional orders

Unlike traditional finance, the order volumes are simply reflected on the blockchain network without bundling the intermediary process.

  • Instant order execution Liquidity

Liquidity is a problem that needs to be resolved for completing the order. But in the case of dPassive Protocol, the liquidity factor depends upon the individual asset pool, which offers liberty to execute trade instantly without any delay.

dPassive protocol design;

dAssets track the price of the equity market and other real-world assets, in turn giving exposure to the traders. The minting and redemption of dAssets are undertaken by depositing/redeeming of collateral (Stable coins, relevant real-world assets under custodians / controlled by special purchase vehicle [SPV]).

  • Deposit/withdrawal of collateral
  • Minting of assets
  • Listing on dPassive exchange
  • Liquidity for trading
  • Redemption/ liquidation

The $dPassive Token (DPS)

  • The dPassive token (DPS) drives the economic incentives for participants in our cross-chain Protocol (BSC, ETH, Polkadot).
  • dPassive serves as collateral as part of the synthesis of tradable synthetic assets (pAsset), drives the reward system, as well as eventually facilitates a DAO that will govern the overall Protocol and future development.
  • By forking from the Mirror protocol, dPassive Protocol will be built with some enhancements and re-deploy on three different blockchains, namely BSC, ETH, and finally Polkadot.

Security Audit;

The safety and security of the dPassive Protocol are of utmost importance; therefore, it has paid special attention to it. It has a special team and a third-party consultant to create a safe and trustworthy environment on the Protocol. All the contract codes and balances have been publicly verified.

Smart Contracts;

The following is a list of smart contracts deployed on dPassive Protocol with a brief explanation:

  • Collector
  • Community
  • Governance
  • Mint
  • Oracle
  • Staking


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